I have known Riette for quite few years and met her partner Mark when I have done their pre-wedding photoshoot back in 2014.

We have met once again in Green Park in London. Although the weather has been a bit gloomy and dark, it offered plenty of nice diffused light. The park hasn’t been particularly busy and it was easy to find lots of interesting and deserted spots.

From the photos you can see that Riette & Mark are perfect for each other, their interaction as a couple is astonishing. It was actually quite tricky to get them posing as they constantly interact and make each other laugh. Most of photos turned out to be natural, which is what I like the most. They made my job very easy,  there wasn’t much for me to do except for snapping away to get their beautiful baby bump memories captured.

There’s never too late to book your couple or engagement photoshoot with me. Get in touch with me if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. I don’t just capture the weddings, the main theme of my website is love. Who doesn’t like capturing love?

Although I’m a North London based Photographer, I love travelling to different places in London and finding exciting locations for photoshoots.