A wedding in Laupen, Switzerland

Switzerland is a wonderful country and this wasn’t the first time I have visited it. My sister lives here and I come at least twice every year.

Beautiful, clean, well organised, with gorgeous cheese, chocolates and refreshingly clean air. It’s a great break whenever I leave overcrowded London.

I have met the couple Karin & Urs beforehand when we did our pre-wedding session in Freiburg in Switzerland on a lovely sunny day.

Although I speak german, Swiss speak a dialect which sounds like a combination french, german and italian at times. So there was definitely a language barrier which lead to some funny situations (most of the time I have my lovely sister at hand, who offers to translate) however this time it was me all alone.

We started with Karin’s preparation in Coiffeur Riedo and moved to Urs’s preparation in a luxury clothing store.

After a typical Swiss ceremony (which literally takes about 10 – 15 mins) we have moved to gorgeous Laupen for some drinks and food.

I definitely enjoyed this wedding, although I had a terrible cold and I thought I’ll die by the end of the day (typical man, eh? :D)