Fantastic hairstyles, not just for brides to be

Although I try to keep my posts relevant to the wedding topic that my website is following, I really wanted to share this project with you, as it has occupied me for few months.

Just because I’m a wedding photographer in London, it doesn’t mean I don’t travel around for more exciting photography opportunities 🙂

Hairsalon Soleil is based in a small village Jegenstorf in Switzerland. The main attraction seems to be Schloss Jegenstorf, where this shoot took place.

Over the course of two days we have photographed 24 models, displaying different hairstyles from bridal to retro. The versatility of the shoot required complete styling, make-up, outfits and a location which would allow us to “put it all together”

To be completely honest I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m currently in the stage of my career where I don’t say no to a photography job – I enjoy all sorts and with shooting lots of versatile things I can develop my style over the next few years. Photography is a learning curve, and as with any job you never stop learning.

Focusing on portraits was something I wanted to try for a while now, I am in a category of photographers who enjoy shooting natural light and candid shots, natural expressions – rather than posed ones.

I have truly enjoyed this shoot, although it has been very dynamic and challenging. We roughly had about 20 minutes for each model (who were not experienced models but normal people like you and me). Some of them were confident others more shy in front of the camera.

I only had a french frisseur book as a reference to see what sort of photos will I be shooting (and what does the owner Jsa König expects from each session). The Soleil team of 6 hair stylists and hair dressers had their say in which part of the hairstyle will we be showing on the photograph, however the rest was totally up to me. Yikes!

The weather was more than perfect, the large castle and grounds provided all sorts of possibilities, and even with blasting sunlight we always managed to find a nice shade. My kind sister and assistant Zuzana Solothurnamnn was my light and couldn’t do this without her.

If you’re looking for a fantastic versatile hairstylist and hairdresser while you’re in Switzerland make sure you visit.

Coiffeur Soleil,  Jegenstorf, Oberdorfstrasse 1, 3303, Switzerland