Marie Claire & Matthias

This beautiful wedding where I worked as a second photographer alongside Kris Micallef took place in one of my favourite venues - Villa Bologna. It offers unique opportunities for photographs, both inside and outside of the venue. Whilst outdoors is green, has nice lighting and backdrops, inside tent could not be more beautiful, especially with its ceiling filled with fairy lights.

Working as a second photographer has been very rewarding as it gave me the wedding photography experience I needed to start working as a sole photographer. It pushes you to limits and allows you to see angles you wouldn't imagine before.

Yuka & Hide

Yuka & Hide married in a beautiful Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, Malta.

Beulah + Pira (Hindu Wedding)

Shri Vallabh Nidhi Mandir

This beautiful Tamil Hindu ceremony took place in a hall behind Shri Vallabh Nidhi Mandir. It is located on 2.4 acres of land in the centre of the well known area on the Ealing road in Wembley. The construction of the temple is based on the ancient Hindu Scriptures of the Shilpa Shastras. The Mandir cost £16 million to built.

The temple exhibits different forms of carving and moulds, made of various types of stone.

Certainly a very different experience to the weddings I have photographed in the past; more colorful with rich wedding traditions and rituals, a Hindu Ceremony was definitely unforgettable for me.

As I know Beulah & Pira for few years now and having photographed their pre-wedding session, I thought I knew what to expect. How mistaken was I :)

Although the Hindu ceremony is quite serious, the bride (especially) and groom kept laughing the whole time and made it an unforgettable experience to all of us.


Karina + Davide (Engaged)

Karina and David have booked their pregnancy shoot with me around summer time in 2016. Shortly after I have been approached by Davide who revealed to me that he will be proposing to Karina during the shoot.

Obviously I was very excited that I can be a part of this special day in their life and we began to plan it. Davide has ordered a ring for Karina which was meant to be delivered at a specific day, so when Karina asked me whether we can do this shoot a week earlier, I had to lie and say I was that I was fully booked.

I know that Karina expected Davide to propose to her at one of their holidays last year in 2016 as he had a perfect opportunity; a rustic old town and a beautiful sunny seaside. He didn't want to be predictable and decided to leave it until later on, in London.

When we arrived at Danson park in London, I have immediately found a perfect spot for the shoot, which was simply asking for such moment. We have started our shoot as a pregnancy shoot, few individual portraits, a few couple photographs and then it all happened. Davide first wanted to say a few words, however I believe that Karina was in a bit of a shock and didn't remember anything. She was was overwhelmed and genuinely surprised (in a very positive way).

It was a beautiful occasion and I'm happy that I could be a part of it. The advantage of being a wedding photographer in London, or anywhere else for that matter, is that you get to capture these beautiful moments that the couple will look at forever.


Laura + Jonno

Great Fosters Hotel, Egham

When I first met this couple I knew that I'm going to experience a truly remarkable wedding. While Laure & Jonno don't really like their photographs being taken, they proved to be a very easy and a happy couple, pleased with everything we have done. It was simple to do their couple shots, as they managed to switch off easily and ignore the lens. We captured some beautiful natural shots.

Laura & Jonno got married in a wonderful Great Fosters Hotel in Egham. Surrey is famous and very popular for short romantic breaks and weddings. The Great Fosters Hotel is a Grade One listed building with a stunning fifty acre garden for infinite photography opportunities.

While most of couples pray for a sunny summer wedding, which is an incredibly rare to experience in the UK; most of photographers avoid it like a plague. The couple was lucky the day turned out to be on of the hottest days of summer. I was crying inside because the sun was super harsh. Regardless of the garden having almost no natural shade at all, we managed to capture some amazing photographs that they instantly fell in love with.

Karin + Urs (Laupen, Switzerland)

A wedding in Laupen, Switzerland

Switzerland is a wonderful country and this wasn't the first time I have visited it. My sister lives here and I come at least twice every year.

Beautiful, clean, well organised, with gorgeous cheese, chocolates and refreshingly clean air. It's a great break whenever I leave overcrowded London.

I have met the couple Karin & Urs beforehand when we did our pre-wedding session in Freiburg in Switzerland on a lovely sunny day.

Although I speak german, Swiss speak a dialect which sounds like a combination french, german and italian at times. So there was definitely a language barrier which lead to some funny situations (most of the time I have my lovely sister at hand, who offers to translate) however this time it was me all alone.

We started with Karin's preparation in Coiffeur Riedo and moved to Urs's preparation in a luxury clothing store.

After a typical Swiss ceremony (which literally takes about 10 - 15 mins) we have moved to gorgeous Laupen for some drinks and food.

I definitely enjoyed this wedding, although I had a terrible cold and I thought I'll die by the end of the day (typical man, eh? :D)


Lorenza + Matt (Valetta, Malta)

A wedding in the sun

When it comes to a sunny wedding and UK the chances that this will happen are non-existent. Lots of brides & groom wish for a hot summer outdoor wedding. It's like one of their wildest dreams. Let's face it, you spend lots of money on your perfect day and want it to be superb. However, no matter how much your budget is, you can't order the weather online.

Lorenza & Matt decided to host their wedding in Malta,. Not only because Lorenza is Maltese, but to ensure the weather is perfect. Obviously you will get much more for your money abroad and it makes your wedding sound more exotic :)

I have photographed my first sunny wedding abroad in Malta. Yay.  The wedding ceremony took place in a beautiful church in Valletta (unfortunately this church didn't permit any photography whatsoever) and a wedding reception took place in Valletta a short journey away by coach.

Most of wedding guests were picked up from the Bugibba area by St. Paul's Bay which offered some great places to eat and drink out and lovely (albeit rocky) beaches to relax & swim in the cool Mediterranean Sea.

For more information about why is Malta a perfect wedding location, read my blog here.

Zoe + Shelley

Port Vale Football Club, Stoke on Trent

The wedding of Zoe & Shelley actually took place in beautiful and sunny South Africa. The family and friends who weren't able to make it, enjoyed themselves in Port Vale Football Club, in Stoke on Trent.

As a wedding photographer in London I get a chance to travel around the UK shooting weddings in different cities and experiencing their different charms.

I have previously visited Stoke on Trent, mainly because of Alton Towers theme park, which was a nice surprise. I haven't imagined that theme parks in the UK will be any good (being a Disney fanatic myself). It was nice returning to Stoke on Trent for Zoe & Shelley's wedding.


Alexa + David (Vienna, Austria)

Schloss Weikersdorf, Baden near Vienna, Austria

It has been incredible to have this opportunity to travel to Austria and take wonderful photos of Alexa & David's wedding. My journey has started with a short flight to Vienna and a nice little train ride to Baden.

Baden is a small spa town near Vienna. Rich in 19th Century architecture, with memorials to Beethoven and Mozart, near to Kalvarienberg where the hills transition to Vienna Woods. Wedding guests were staying at Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf & Spa (I now regret not staying an extra night to enjoy these superb facilities).

The wedding day started with Dave playing tennis with his groomsmen and afterwards with bridal/groom preparation. After a short coach ride to Vienna and a beautiful ceremony in an impressive church followed by drinks and a bite to eat in a nearby vineyard. Vienna has many vineyards (over 700 hectares) and vine growing has a long tradition here.

I have taken some couple shots in the vineyards too and afterwards we made our way back to Schloss Weikersdorf for the dinner (traditional Wiener-Schnitzel), drinks and dance.

Taking photographs on a wedding abroad is not exactly a holiday however the experience is truly remarkable, especially if the newlyweds treat you like one of their guests.

I can really recommend Baden for a weekend getaway, whether you like spas, wine or both :)


Vienna Photography Wedding Baden


Richmal + Steve

Remenham Club, Henley-on-Thames

I'm now going into the depths of my older wedding archives, all the way into 2014. Richmal & Steve are one of my first wedding clients in the UK.

It seems that most of wedding I have shot in the UK have been sunny, which is rather unusual. Richmal and Steve got married on he 31st May 2014 in the beautiful Town Hall in Henley-on-Thames. As they're both rowers they have decided to host their reception in the Remenham Rowing Club, nearby.

The Remenham Club was founded in 1909 during a meeting of metropolitan and up-river clubs. The Club grounds stand just under a mile along the 1.3 Royal regatta course. You can read about the club more here.

Many guests have enjoyed this beautiful and relaxed reception on a warm summer day. I think this was for me definitely one of most memorable weddings. The bride and groom seated me on the main table with themselves, which ensured that I won't miss any action (and surely it made some the guests confused)

Lots of fun speeches, dancing, ball games and a gorgeous views of the river where guests enjoyed a chilled glass of Prosecco & some delicious food.

To check out more of my blogs feel free to read here.


Maria + Olli

Brands Hatch Place, Bromley

This wonderful wedding took place in Bromley. It has a special place in my heart because it was a first "official" wedding I have photographed in my career.

The day started with Maria getting ready in her parents house, after which I made my way to check on Olli & Jack. A beautiful ceremony took place in St Joseph's Catholic Church followed by a dinner and reception at Brands Hatch Place in Bromley.

The weather on the day has been everything Maria & Olli could wish for, sunny all the way :)

Find more photos from this wedding on my facebook page.

Wedding Bromley London UK Photographer