Laura + Jonno

Great Fosters Hotel, Egham

When I first met this couple I knew that I'm going to experience a truly remarkable wedding. While Laure & Jonno don't really like their photographs being taken, they proved to be a very easy and a happy couple, pleased with everything we have done. It was simple to do their couple shots, as they managed to switch off easily and ignore the lens. We captured some beautiful natural shots.

Laura & Jonno got married in a wonderful Great Fosters Hotel in Egham. Surrey is famous and very popular for short romantic breaks and weddings. The Great Fosters Hotel is a Grade One listed building with a stunning fifty acre garden for infinite photography opportunities.

While most of couples pray for a sunny summer wedding, which is an incredibly rare to experience in the UK; most of photographers avoid it like a plague. The couple was lucky the day turned out to be on of the hottest days of summer. I was crying inside because the sun was super harsh. Regardless of the garden having almost no natural shade at all, we managed to capture some amazing photographs that they instantly fell in love with.