Alexa + David (Vienna, Austria)

Schloss Weikersdorf, Baden near Vienna, Austria

It has been incredible to have this opportunity to travel to Austria and take wonderful photos of Alexa & David's wedding. My journey has started with a short flight to Vienna and a nice little train ride to Baden.

Baden is a small spa town near Vienna. Rich in 19th Century architecture, with memorials to Beethoven and Mozart, near to Kalvarienberg where the hills transition to Vienna Woods. Wedding guests were staying at Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf & Spa (I now regret not staying an extra night to enjoy these superb facilities).

The wedding day started with Dave playing tennis with his groomsmen and afterwards with bridal/groom preparation. After a short coach ride to Vienna and a beautiful ceremony in an impressive church followed by drinks and a bite to eat in a nearby vineyard. Vienna has many vineyards (over 700 hectares) and vine growing has a long tradition here.

I have taken some couple shots in the vineyards too and afterwards we made our way back to Schloss Weikersdorf for the dinner (traditional Wiener-Schnitzel), drinks and dance.

Taking photographs on a wedding abroad is not exactly a holiday however the experience is truly remarkable, especially if the newlyweds treat you like one of their guests.

I can really recommend Baden for a weekend getaway, whether you like spas, wine or both :)


Vienna Photography Wedding Baden